Welcome to the 2017 NCAA Basketball Bracket Challenge!

The object of the challenge is to score more points than the other participants.

Entry Fee:

$10.00 per bracket. You may submit as many brackets as you wish.
You can pay your entry fee with PayPal. PayPal charges a 2.90% + $0.30 fee, so your entry fee will be $10.61 for one bracket, $20.91 for two brackets, $31.21 for three brackets, $41.51 for four brackets, or $51.81 for five brackets.
Or you can get your cash/check to me in which case there will be no surcharge.

Payouts (based on the results of last year's SurveyMonkey.com survey):

First Place: 60% of the total entry fees paid.

Second Place: 30% of the total entry fees paid.

Third Place: 10% of the total entry fees paid.

Any dispute or grievance must be emailed to troyL@eeimt.com by 5 pm Tuesday 4/4/17 as the payoffs will be mailed on Wednesday 4/5/17 unless a controversy arises.

Base Scoring:

0. The first four games are worth nothing. (4) games.
1. The round of 64 games are worth 1 point each. (32) games.
2. The round of 32 games are worth 2 points each. (16) games.
3. The sweet sixteen games are worth 4 points each. (8) games.
4. The elite eight games are worth 8 points each. (4) games.
5. The semi-final games are worth 12 points each. (2) games.
6. The final is worth 16 points. (1) game.

The total points possible is 168.

Bonus Scoring (new and approved by your SurveyMonkey.com results):

Each upset you pick correctly earns you bonus points.
1. The bonus equals the differnece between the higher and lower seed numbers.
2. The formula is the same for all six rounds.
3. Example 1: If you correctly pick (14)Montana over (3)Gonzaga in the first round, then you earn 11 bonus points.
4. Example 2: If you correctly pick (2)Wisconsin over (1)Virginia in the final game, then you earn 1 bonus point.

Tracking your progress:

Everybody's score is listed below. Click on a name to see their full bracket entry.

Click here to view the live bracket.

Here are the official entries with the LIVE scores:

Mike Flynn5oclockwhere136yes
Blair DavisWho let ya mama out... again131yes
Scott RattermanGonzaga is Overrated 121yes
Jason BrownAt Least I Won Fantasy Football117yes
Ron LaBarNo, it is not a BOX!116yes
Patrick JoyceGo_Hokies116yes
Brian Hansonjust a donation111yes
Emily GmeinerWest is Best 104yes
Jesse FortuneBMF104yes
Russ Francetichrustypump1101yes
scott dautermanvegasbux498yes
Brian BeckmanTaking Candy from Baby95yes
Tylor TrenaryHoof Hearted 93yes
Jacob MandellCobb92yes
scott dautermanvegasbux191yes
Troy LeistikoZagolicious!!90yes
Lynn Gzaggotshomeearly90yes
Mike LoweryFake News88yes
ShanerI really need the $86yes
SamMeatball Mama86yes
CameronThanks Obama85yes
Julie ArmstrongOver and Back84yes
Cory LairdBill Raftery stole my bracket83yes
Dan EngelandAre the Griz in it?82yes
scott dautermanvegasbux382yes
Dave LoweryElectorate is Great81yes
Kaehl LoweryCinderella_Story80yes
Craig JenneskensFinal Fourgasm79yes
Brett AllenBallen Uncontrollably78yes
scott dautermanvegasbux278yes
Bob C.Maddog 177yes
Amanda TorresIts Gonna be Bigly 73yes
Russ Francetichrustypump270yes
Chris ThomasCT Picks70yes
Michelle MandellShorty Shelly69yes
Patty lowerySure shot66yes
Rob BrandtAmerica is Great Again!65yes
Taylor LeistikoJust swoosh it 64yes
Rolf ArmstrongDa Big Svede63yes
fred jenneskensFerd62yes
kyle dornbergerwhere did the caricatures go?56yes
Michael KuntzMarch Sadness54yes
Jen BrandtWinning...Its Gonna be HUUUGE!54yes

Click here to view the live bracket.

by Troy Leistiko

If you have any questions, call me at (406) 721-5733, or email me at troyL@eeimt.com