Welcome to the 2014 NCAA Basketball Bracket Challenge/Fundraiser for Taylor Leistiko's 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C.

Sometime late on Sunday March 16, 2014 I will upload the version of this page that lets you submit your entry. For now, you can review the rules, etc.
There will be four play-in games in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday 3/18/14 and Wednesday 3/19/14. For this contest, none of these first four games has any value, so don't worry about getting your bracket(s) submitted until 10:00 am MDT on Thursday March 20, 2014 before the round of 64 begins.

The object of the challenge is to score more points than the other participants.

Deadline to Submit your brackets:

Thursday March 20, 2014 before 10:00 am MDT.

Entry Fee:

$10.00 per bracket. You may submit as many brackets as you wish.
You can pay your entry fee with PayPal. PayPal charges a 2.90% + $0.30 fee, so your entry fee will be $10.61 for one bracket, $20.91 for two brackets, $31.21 for three brackets, $41.51 for four brackets, or $51.81 for five brackets.
Or you can get your cash/check to me in which case there will be no surcharge.


First Place: 50% of the total entry fees paid. The other 50% of the purse is a contribution to Taylor Leistiko's 8th grade educational class trip to Washington D.C. and New York City where she will be enlightened and inspired by the symbols and history of American freedom.

Any dispute or grievance must be emailed to troyL@eeimt.com by 5 pm Tuesday 4/8/14 as the payoffs will be mailed on Wednesday 4/9/14 unless a controversy arises.


0. The first four games are worth nothing. (4) games.
1. The round of 64 games are worth 1 point each. (32) games.
2. The round of 32 games are worth 2 points each. (16) games.
3. The sweet sixteen games are worth 4 points each. (8) games.
4. The elite eight games are worth 8 points each. (4) games.
5. The semi-final games are worth 12 points each. (2) games.
6. The final is worth 16 points. (1) game.

The total points possible is 168.

Tracking your progress:

Everybody's score is listed below. Click on a name to see their full bracket entry.

Click here to view the live bracket.

Here are the official entries with the LIVE scores:

Brian HansonTaking the money72yes
courtney francetichcourtney f67yes
Russell FrancetichMiners64yes
Russell Francetichminers 264yes
Kolten Knatterudkknatterud63yes
Lynn GmeinerLNG63yes
katie huismankaties pics61yes
Craig JenneskensHelena Handbasket60yes
Jen BrandtJenB60yes
Chad TaylorEpiglottis of Dick Vitale59yes
Robert CartledgeMaddog58yes
Jeff McMasterJabari for President57yes
Emily Ghoopster57yes
Shane HopeHope a Dope56yes
GretchenChad said I have to56yes
karichicken dinner55yes
Travis Berrotmb55yes
Angie Moravec JB DUBS54yes
Michelle MandellShorty Shelly52yes
Justin HarcrowHoly crap the Huskers made the Dance50yes
Shawn MelvilleHere we go!50yes
fred jenneskens50yes
Kaehl LoweryQuail_Man350yes
Nicquo HopeNhope49yes
Rob BrandtHunter Rob49yes
Troy LeistikoLemme take a SELFIE48yes
Shane HopeHope Springs Eternal47yes
rod huismanrods pics45yes
Scott RattermanI have no idea what Im doing43yes
Ben PowellBensTeams36no
Ruth Anderson35yes
Nicquo NHope25no

Click here to view the live bracket.

by Troy Leistiko

If you have any questions, call me at (406) 721-5733, or email me at troyL@eeimt.com