Welcome to the 2018 NCAA Basketball Bracket Challenge!

The object of the challenge is to score more points than the other participants.

Entry Fee:

$10.00 per bracket. You may submit as many brackets as you wish.
You can pay your entry fee with PayPal. PayPal charges a 2.90% + $0.30 fee, so your entry fee will be $10.61 for one bracket, $20.91 for two brackets, $31.21 for three brackets, $41.51 for four brackets, or $51.81 for five brackets.
Or you can get your cash/check to me in which case there will be no additional fee.


First Place: 60% of the total entry fees paid.

Second Place: 30% of the total entry fees paid.

Third Place: 10% of the total entry fees paid.

Any dispute or grievance must be emailed to tleistiko@eeimt.com by 5 pm Tuesday 4/3/2018 as the payoffs will be mailed on Wednesday 4/4/2018 unless a controversy arises.

Base Scoring:

0. The first four games are worth nothing. (4) games.
1. The round of 64 games are worth 1 point each. (32) games.
2. The round of 32 games are worth 2 points each. (16) games.
3. The sweet sixteen games are worth 4 points each. (8) games.
4. The elite eight games are worth 8 points each. (4) games.
5. The semi-final games are worth 12 points each. (2) games.
6. The final is worth 16 points. (1) game.

The total points possible is 168.

Bonus Scoring:

Each upset you pick correctly earns you bonus points.
1. The bonus equals the differnece between the higher and lower seed numbers.
2. The formula is the same for all six rounds.
3. Example 1: If you correctly pick (14)Montana over (3)Gonzaga in the first round, then you earn 11 bonus points.
4. Example 2: If you correctly pick (2)Wisconsin over (1)Virginia in the final game, then you earn 1 bonus point.

Tracking your progress:

Everybody's score is listed below. Click on a name to see their full bracket entry.

Click here to view the live bracket.

Here are the official entries with the LIVE scores:

1.Eric Mossmossman54yes
2.Ron LaBarBusted50yes
3.RolfDa Big Svede45no
4.Kyle DornbergerMontana State 78-Bozeman High School 77 (OT)43yes
5.Tyson BogumillTBOGS - II43yes
6.Troy LeistikoFull Metal Bracket41yes
7.Brett AllenSweet & Sour41no
8.Kevin OpitzKO140yes
9.Eric Moss Applecart39yes
10.Russell Francetichrustypump39yes
11.Sam ArmstrongFlying Lama39no
12.Dave Lowery Rocketman39yes
13.Patty LoweryAll in 38yes
14.Noah KetlerYall-American Bracket38yes
15.Stacey HritscoStac is gonna kick yo ass38no
16.JesseCanned Heat37yes
17.Michelle MandellMarchmageddon37yes
18.Scott RattermanChurch of Bracketology37yes
19.Pat JoyceGo_Hokies!37no
20.Jen BrandtJenny Wenny37yes
21.Russell Francetichrustypump 236yes
22.SamMeatball Mamas36no
23.Diane JenneskensDi35yes
24.Ashley KetlerSleepy ZZZ35yes
25.Blair Davis Beer Time35yes
26.Tyson BogumillTBOGS - I35yes
27.Taylor LeistikoBlue 66633yes
28.Cory LairdBill Raftery stole my bracket32yes
30.Kaehl LoweryMarch Sadness31yes
31.Michael KuntzTen Dollar Donation31yes
32.Cassandra ShineCHEF CURRY WITH SOME SAUCE31yes
33.Brian Hansonthrowing money away31no
34.Jacob Mandellsomething punny30yes
35.Bill StrangeBill Strange30yes
36.Rob BrandtMAGA29yes
37.fred jenneskensferd berful29yes
38.Mike Flynnflagrant juan29no
39.Shane HopeKissing Cousins29yes
40.Julie ArmstrongBracketology ESP28no
41.Jason BrownNo more stupid puns27no
43.Craig Jenneskens#BEER26no
44.Tylor TrenaryBigSKyTy25yes

Click here to view the live bracket.

by Troy Leistiko

If you have any questions, call me at (406) 721-5733, or email me at tleistiko@eeimt.com